V50 EB CD 628 96 36X84
Value Series Wide Stile Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device, Cylinder Dogging, 96 Surface Strike, Battery Operated Alarm,

36 In. Device for 84 In. Door Height, Satin Aluminum Clear Anodized

V40 LD 711 99 36
Value Series Wide Stile Rim Exit Device, Less Dogging, 99 Surface Strike, 36 In. Device, Satin Black Anodized Aluminum

 Von Duprin
230L-06 SP28 LHR
Lever Trim, Classroom Function, 06 Lever Style, Aluminum Painted 689/US28

Von Duprin
210K SP28
Knob Trim, Satin Aluminum Clear Anodized

03CN 630
CN Straight Pull Trim with Cylinder Hole, for 40/50/51 Series Devices, Satin Stainless Steel

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03P 711
P Pull Plate with Cylinder Hole, for Value Series Devices, Satin Black Anodized Aluminum

Von Duprin
22EO 3 SP28
Rim Exit Device, Exit Only, 36 In., Aluminum

09DS RHR 626
D Lever Trim with Cylinder Hole, Right Hand Reverse, for 10/20/21/27 Series Devices, S Lever Style, Satin Chrome

V40 EB CD 628 99 36 W-CYL KA
Value Series Wide Stile Rim Exit Device, Cylinder Dogging, 99 Surface Strike, Battery Operated Alarm, 36 In. Device, Satin Aluminum Clear Anodized

Von Duprin
360L-06 26D RHR
Lever Trim, Classroom Function, 06 Lever Style,Satin Chrome

Push Bar & Panic Hardware

Purpose –

These products are specifically offered to assist the small end user in selecting products they can install themselves that are economically priced.  This means they are for users that have low end traffic that may have to meet NFPA standards that don’t know where to begin to look for the products they need.  Exit hardware and panic bars can run from a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the facility needs and traffic.

Considerations -
Determine from your local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction, like the Fire Marshall) what he is specifically requiring before purchasing anything.  These would be factors like:

  • Whether the exit hardware must be fire rated. Fire rated panic bars and hardware generally run a lot more but are not required on non-fired doors and most exit doors.
  • The width and height of the door will determine the length of your panic bars and (height of any vertical rods, if necessary,) that lock into the upper and lower part of the door frame.

Most of products offered here go on single doors.  Products are available for double doors upon request.  Double door products are determined by whether there is a mullion (a center attaching bar) between the two doors when they close.
Some doors require a 15 second delay panic bar hardwired into an electrical source and fire alarm system.  Other alarm panic bars may operate by battery as a standalone system.

What we offer - 

  • Sure Locksmith offers an assessment service call of $75 to customers who want us to assess and advise them of their panic bar door needs through an appointment. 
  • We also install our products in the general range of $200-$300 depending on the difficulty of the job and existing complementary hardware.  Usually new complementary hardware is required for access from the exterior. We also recommend other qualified locksmiths we network with to install your products.

Warranties –

Warranties are limited to the manufacturer warranty if installed by a qualified locksmith.  Self-installed products cannot be warranted because proper installation cannot be assured and guaranteed.

Prices –

Prices are subject to change depending on market conditions of supply and demand. Taxes and shipping are not included in the prices listed.  Fifty percent down payment is required on all products ordered.

Refunds –

All returns refunds are subject to a return shipping and re-stocking charge.