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Why are fire door inspections necessary? 

It’s the law.  All public occupancies must comply with NFPA 80 “Standard for Fire Doors” 2016 editions section which states, “Periodic inspections and testing shall be performed not less than annually.”  Regardless of the AHJ’s (Authority Having Jurisdiction) frequency of inspections of your fire doors, property owners are still required to have a recorded annual fire door inspection report. Your annual inspection report should always be ready whenever the AHJ does his state inspection.  In other words the property owner is responsible to have their fire doors inspected regardless of when they are inspected by the state.

Who should do your fire door inspections?

1. Ideally a third party inspection by someone not in house removes the appearance of any impropriety.  An in house inspection is like an IRS agent auditing his own taxes.  In house inspections tend to overlook non-compliant items that might be scheduled for routine maintenance.  NFPA 80 section 5.5.2 states, “Repairs shall be made, and any defects that could interfere with the operation shall be corrected without delay.”  Third party inspections give an extra layer of liability protection.

2. According to NFPA 80 section states, “acceptance testing of fire doors and window assemblies shall be performed by a qualified person with knowledge and understanding of the operating components of the type of assembly being subject to testing.”  NFPA elaborated on what they mean by “knowledgeable” in A. of NFPA 80.  It means “thoroughly knowledgeable of the various components and systems that are used to create fire-rated assemblies.”  There are specific regulations unique to fire doors that do not apply to non-fire rated doors.  This requires knowing the ever changing fire door codes by a” qualified person.”  This is why the highest fire door inspection designation is to be a CFDAI (Certified Fire Door Assembly Inspector) where re-certification is required of the inspector in recent code changes every 2 years.  A CFDAI is more than a maintenance personnel that checks a door for proper operation.  He has over a hundred hours of in-class training in fire codes related just to fire doors.  The question is whose report do you want to rely on when personal injury or death results from a defect in a fire door?

Why should you consider allowing our CFDAI do your fire door inspections?

  • We are local.  We know the local jurisdictions on the emerald coast and are more competitive in pricing than out of town companies.
  • Our inspections are electronically recorded with a secure server that allows only the property owner access.
  • Our inspection report covers 90+ points of inspection

Some of our clients:
Summit Surgery Center
West Florida Medical Center Clinic
The Mentor Network -Nursing Homes
Northview Community Nursing Home
Escambia Boys Base- Cory Station

Crestview Youth Academy