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Bait and Switch

Recently a person called me to get them into their car because another locksmith from Pensacola tried to take advantage of her.  That locksmith took out an ad advertising on Google to do lockouts for $19.  When he arrived, he told the lady it would cost her another $100 to get in her car plus the $20 trip charge.  This is the classic illegal practice called “bait and switch.”  That is the practice of advertising something at a low practice to bait customers to do business with them only to jack the price up once on the scene.  She was upset because the ad was misleading and as a result called me.  I got her in for far less than half the cost.

One of the reasons Florida has this problem is because anyone can advertise to be a locksmith and even buy reviews.  If you read reviews closely you can tell which ones are purchased and which are real local experiences.  No prior training, schooling, certification or licensing is required to be a professional locksmith in Florida like in other sister states.

Here are some suggestions to make sure you get a legitimate locksmith:

  • Get the complete price before they come.
  • Read their Google reviews and check out their rating.  Paid advertisement by other locksmith are usually placed above those who earn their good rating without advertisement.
  • Check out their web site.  Do they show the locksmith having any assets like a van or building with their name on it?  Does the web site show pictures of their personnel?  Criminals and shysters don’t like to post their picture.  Anyone can do a web site and use free downloadable pictures online.
  • Ask the locksmith if he can prove his insurance liability in case he damages your car door.
  • Is their receipt of payment accepted by major insurance companies for reimbursement with full coverage?
  • Does the locksmith look professional, in uniform and polite?

My practice is to make an extra door key when possible for my locked-out customers.  Why?  Because I figure they plan to get an extra key made later so why not do it for them as a courtesy.

 Be smart and be safe.

Mark's Corner  Re:  Door Locks

Keeping our customers informed.

Mark's Corner  

Keeping our customers informed.