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Keeping our customers informed.

Mark's Corner  Re:  Door Locks

Keeping our customers informed.

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It’s Not About the Money
We frequently get calls to program customer products they bought online.  We accommodated them in the beginning recognizing we could not purchase those products inexpensively from reputable manufacturers as customers could online.  Not until we discovered that many of those online products were inferior, did we stop programming them.  We found many of those products were mere shells without electronics and some did not last a year after programming. We decided it was not worth the risk of our customers losing money since we have to charge for programming their defective products.  We do not want our reputation associated with bad products, so we stopped programming them.  For us it is not about the money but customer service. 

Some locksmiths take a different approach.  Their attitude is some money is better than no money.  They make the customer agree to pay for their charges regardless if the customer’s product works.  The customer agrees because he knows he got his product at a great price online. This sounds reasonable since the locksmith cannot control the quality of what the customer bought.  But is this good business?  We think not.  If a locksmith supplies the product, he can guarantee it will work or not charge for the job.  But if the customer supplies the product the locksmith runs the risk of making a customer feel bad about wasting his money on a defective product and having to pay the locksmith for his services.  Consider this.  How do you know when a problem is with your product, an electrical problem with the car, or the locksmith equipment isn’t sophisticated enough to program your key?  The customer assumes a financial risk -- he has no way to confirm responsibility.  I’ve even heard of some of locksmith buying those same inferior products online that customers purchase because they are cheap.  Their attitude is the customer doesn’t know.  If the customer’s product doesn’t work, they are pleased to offer another one just like it until one does.

At Sure Locksmith we will not compromise quality nor engage in questionable practices just to make a buck.  Our reputation and customer satisfaction is king.  We aren’t perfect, but we try to be fair and always give the customer what they deserve.  As our motto is, “A good name is better than riches.”​​

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