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​​Purchasing Online Key Fobs

May 12, 2018

I frequently get calls from customers to cut and program their remote head key or key fob.  Unless we have the exact one the customer has in our stock we have decided not to do them.  The reason is the possibility exists for a miscut on a key we cannot replace.  I learned my lesson on that when a customer brought me his remote key he purchased online.  

Honda’s high security keys can be difficult to cut and get just right.  Sometimes after cutting them they may work the door but not the ignition.  This Honda customer asked to come to my house (I am strictly a mobile locksmith) and cut his remote head key he got online.  It was a Saturday and I felt gratuitous and agreed to for $10.  Worse mistake I ever made.  Sure enough the key I cut for him worked his door but not his ignition.  When I heard I went to his house and made him a brand new high security Honda key and programmed it in his car.  That is a $75 value at no charge. I did that to make up for mis-cutting his key.  He was not satisfied with that although his key would not work in his car anyway until it was programmed even if it was cut correctly.  I offered to order another remote head key or reimburse him his cost in the key.  No, this was not satisfactory.  He tried to extort me and asked for $120, which was twice what it cost.  If I did not comply he threatened to make a bad review and he did, not to mention his wife did too.  I saw where this was going so I left and gave him the new key I had cut and programmed.  This is one of those situations where you feel no good deed goes unpunished.  The lesson for me was to never cut a customer’s key unless I have that exact one in stock and charge appropriately.

Customers can get key remotes and fobs online cheaper than I can purchase them from a reputable supplier.  I get why they buy them and most will work.  The risk comes in for a locksmith to cut the key and program it.  Therefore, most locksmiths qualify they can cut and program a customer’s key but cannot guarantee their product will work while expecting to still get paid for their services.  This creates a bad situation.  We at Sure Locksmith have decided it is not worth the money to put a customer at risk of not getting what they hoped.

My only suggestion is to buy two cheap online knowing you may only get the benefit of one.

Now you know.  Next time I will discuss car lockouts, insurance, and the benefits of calling us.

Stay informed and be smart.


Mark's Corner  Re:  Door Locks

Keeping our customers informed.

Mark's Corner  

Keeping our customers informed.

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