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Employment Prospectus

Our History –

Sure Locksmith began as a hobby that turned into part-time and then full-time business.  We continue to learn and expand into new areas as the market demands.  God has blessed our company because of its character, values and decisions.  Our business has grown to the point we feel we are giving away too much work to our competition because we cannot get to it.  For this reason, our goal is to share our success with other partners.  Finding that person is key to our continued success.  This means taking the time to be thorough and wait on the right person at the right time.  It is not a process we can rush so there is no deadline.  If you are one that wants to be considered, the following qualifications will be helpful in telling you about the kind of person are what we are looking for:


1)  Someone who has an entrepreneur spirit who is more concerned about personal satisfaction than how much money they have to make.  We believe personal satisfaction drives success more than the need for income.  The income will follow if someone really enjoys what they do. 

2)  This means we are looking for someone who is financially secure that wants to do something they enjoy while making money.  Most new start up businesses take 3-5 years to be profitable to recoup their investment and establish a sustainable operating income.  Our strategy is different.  We will provide the van, equipment, inventory and a territory to allow our partners to focus on making money on each job while building their client base.   This means building income depends on the amount of work you.

This is why a person needs to be financially secure enough to put the time in to be successful.  Our partners commit their time while we provide the major investment to start the business.  This is why a person who is under pressure to make a required income would not be a good candidate.  (An example of a good candidate would be a retired military person who is mechanically inclined and enjoys learning new technology and has good problem-solving skills.) 

3)  A person has to be honest, personable, and live by the golden rule in practice.  Customer satisfaction is more important than the money we make.  We certainly need to charge a fair competitive price for our services and make no apologizes for that.  This means being wise in choosing the clients we do work for and giving upfront cost as best that can be determined.  This means taking the time to do the job right the first time and correcting our mistakes.  This means doing whatever it takes to make our customers feel happy about working with us by being treated fairly and respectfully.  You have to be a people person who likes to help others.  This means good public relation skills.

4)  A person who loves what he does will be successful.  You may not know if you like doing locksmith work.  You might have to try it awhile to find out.  But generally, locksmith love working with their hands and helping people.  Success follows enjoyment in what we do.

The Business Arrangement –

Our business model is to put someone in the locksmith business by providing the major start up investment.  In return the partner we choose will receive referrals and a territory in which to build that business.  The partner provides the labor and services for this territory through Sure Locksmith.  After all cost and expenses for each service, a pre-determined profit-sharing arrangement applies.  Sure Locksmith will assist with marketing, training and support.   

A contractual business agreement will only be entered into after the right candidate is found.

 If you are interested in partnering with Sure Locksmith, please send your application to for consideration.